Names of the Imani

The names of the Imani represent from where they’ve come and to whom they ascribe their allegiance.

“Kel Essa” is the name given to the peasant class, whom work in agriculture, water harvesting, camel raising and other lower, untrained duties. Though considered uneducated by many, the Kel Essa are hard working and thus much respected.

“Kel Mikhail” is the name given to the desert village dwellers of the Imani. They practice trades, though remain mostly isolated. They tend to be quiet, keep to themselves and are very independent, mostly due to the remote nature of where they live.

“Kel Tahan” are those who have settled in some of the larger, permanent dwellings, such as Massat. They are sometimes considered soft by standards of the rest of the Imani, but they are more worldly as they have seen more of other cultures.

“Kel Nazari” are those born to the Noble caste. They can be from any area of the Imani range, and are well educated in their youth due to better resources. Commanding respect among the Imani, they usually gravitate towards leadership roles in their communities, though it is not their birthright.

“Kel Keendem” is the last name of the Lost, the Orphaned, those of the Church and can be adopted by any Kaldi. They are mostly nomadic though some settle in villages or cities. It is a title that varies most on initial meeting, depending on the context the person took the name.

Names of the Imani

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