Burning Witches: Heresy & Sand

The Medical Journal of Menefer Kel Nazari Day One

Medic’s Log: Day one of Medicinal Voyage

I am charged with a great challenge any of my profession would be elated to take on. I must travel across the desert to the city three days from here. There is talk of plague and other sickness. Where their medics are, I fear they have been taken by the sickness that plagues our times- the Magi.

However, before I was able to procure my belongings for our trip, I was forced to check in on all of my patients. Thank the sands I had. One of my fool patients had every intention of ruining his foot in my absence. I fear while I am gone, his ignorance will reemerge and I will return to a cripple and be unable to heal him once again. Such is the life of a physician.

Medical note: I have studied the body of a Magi. His anatomy seemed foreign and my navigation of his chest cavity was a hindrance. I must remind myself to make more detailed notes of the Magi and their construction.

Unfortunately, while on the trail of what I believed to be the cause of the Magi’s illness, I stumbled upon a vital organ to the Magi and the unholy creature died on my table- note to self. That pumping thing shouldn’t be removed.

I am concerned that the slaves the Magi had with him may be harboring illnesses of the Magi. If only Salano would have let me examine them. This leaves me with a sense of unease.



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