Burning Witches: Heresy & Sand

The Journey to Halach: Day 3

There was nothing I wanted to do more after our arrival than to wash off the three days worth of desert sand. Such luxuries, it seems, are not for we Kaldi. I somehow expected that my time in the order would be more… glamourous? Something.

In any case, Solano and I made for Rahim the Tailor straight away. I thought that taking care of Zaynab’s request quickly would let me get on with the important work in Halach, but when we arrived, Solano began to accuse the poor man of some unknown indiscretion. I do not know what it was he was talking about, but Rahim assured us that there was no wrong-doing on his part. I believe him. Rahim seems like an honest fellow, and I would be worse than a fool to mistrust a friend of Zaynab’s without cause.

Afterward, Solano and I parted ways, and I sought out Tsul. When I found him, he had just been assaulted by a witch! The abomination had run off after the attack, although the local folk did not, at first, seem to believe my brother. Fortunately, he was able to make the fools see reason, eventually. We, of course, joined the search for the wretch.

We found her in the market square, surrounded by a crowd of faithful, hiding behind Yasmine. I climbed to the top of one of the nearby houses while Tsul and Solano distracted the crowd.

It took me one shot to kill Yasmine. So easy.

I need to think on what I’ve done. Perhaps Tsul was right.



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